Bluey picks up children's show Logie

Charlie Aspinwall and Joe Brumm accepted the most outstanding children's program Logie for Bluey. (AAP)

Bluey, a little animated show about a family of blue heelers that is about to launch on the world stage, has won the most outstanding children's Logie.

It's a sweet show that has won over not just kids, but their parents and grandparents and renewed the joy of play.

Now Bluey has a Logie to show for its success.

The ABC seven-minute animated program picked up the Logie for the most outstanding children's program on Sunday night.

The show centres around blue heeler sisters Bluey and Bingo, their dad Bandit and mum Chilli and their daily lives at their home in Brisbane.

"A massive thank you not only to the audience, the 'Bluey' fans who have really taken this show on really to their hearts," Joe Brumm said.

Brumm later told reporters they had been surprised by the reaction to the show.

"It's been a surprise the scale of it. The feedback is that it is making parents play with their kids more, that was the most surprising to me and the most gratifying."

Bluey was launched on the ABC last October and has been picked up by the BBC and the Disney network.

It has already been downloaded more than 23 million times - the highest figure for any ABC TV show.

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