Bolshoi marks 50th anniversary

The Bolshoi Ballet company is emerging from a series of scandals as it marks its 50th anniversary.

The Bolshoi Ballet returns to the Royal Opera House to perform, among other ballets, Swan Lake.

The dancers are some of the very best in the world and the company one of the most prestigious.

"I think the Bolshoi Ballet, the Russian Ballet, always represented Russian spirit and Russian music and that's why I think it can be considered the greatest achievement of our culture," Principal dancer Ekaterina Shipulina says.

Allegations of corruption, smear campaigns and an acid attack on the company's artistic director have been associated with the Bolshoi in recent months.

General Director of Bolshoi Ballet Vladimir Urin has been newly appointed to clean up the image of the troubled Bolshoi institution.

"This kind of event, this tragic event, has a very tough psychological impact on everybody. But these negative events are in the past and we will move forward," he says.

Source: SBS