Bourke Street stabbing victim says he's 'very lucky to be alive'


A 26-year-old who was stabbed by Hassan Khalif Shire Ali has opened up about the incident.

The security guard who was stabbed in Friday's Bourke Street incident has spoken out about the attack, saying he's "very lucky to be alive".

Victoria Police released a video on Wednesday of 26-year-old Shadi, who does not want his surname used, detailing how he saw a car explode before he was set upon by a knife-wielding Hassan Khalif Shire Ali.

Shadi after the attack.
Shadi after the attack.
Victoria Police

"It was just like any other day ... [Then] there was a loud explosion, everyone was screaming, running," he said.

"I thought there were innocent people in the vehicle. I tried to go to assist and then I realised I didn't know what was going on. 

"Out of nowhere, I got attacked ... I didn't have time to react, he straight away stabbed me, tried to kill me, hit me in the neck."

Shadi then realised he "couldn't defend myself any more, there was too much blood. I couldn't physically see out of my left side of my eye", but managed to escape the scene.

"Luckily I got away ... I just had to get out of there. If I stayed, different story. I am very lucky to be alive."

He said since the attack he's been spending time with his family. 

"No one deserves to get hurt in our city," he said.

Shadi has been a security guard for three years and had worked at the Bourke Street location for about one month when the incident occurred.

He was released from hospital on Sunday and has not yet returned to work.

Bourke St attack aftermath
Bourke St attack aftermath

Lord Mayor Sally Capp praised Shadi for putting his life on the line for others, adding she would nominate him for a bravery award.

"Shadi showed incredible bravery ... despite his own injuries he put his life on the line to help and protect others during this terrifying and tragic event," Cr Capp said.

Tasmanian businessman Rod Patterson, who was also stabbed in Friday's attack, released a statement from The Alfred Hospital on Saturday.

"Yesterday, whilst out with my wife Maree enjoying another great day in Melbourne, a city that we love, we were unfortunately caught up in the incident on Bourke Street," he said.

"I went to assist and whilst doing so received a knife wound to my head. I am receiving fantastic care at The Alfred."

An unverified picture from the scene.
An unverified picture from the scene.

The third victim, 74-year-old Sisto Malaspina, died after the attack.

The Malaspina family agreed to a state funeral for the beloved Melbourne restaurateur, after Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews made the offer.

"Sisto Malaspina was a Victorian icon, known and loved by us all," Mr Andrews tweeted.

Two police investigations are underway into the Bourke Street attack, one team is preparing a brief for the coroner while counter-terrorism police have executed search warrants on properties in the Melbourne suburbs of Meadow Heights and Werribee.

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