Bourke Street terrorist attack: Who is 'trolley man'?

Several "everyday Victorians" tried to assist police during the chaos at Bourke Street Mall on Friday.

As dramatic footage of Friday's Bourke Street Mall attack continues to emerge, the actions of bystanders who confronted the offender with a trolley and chair have grabbed the attention of the public. 

One man is dead and two others are in hospital after an attack on the busy Melbourne thoroughfare. Police shot and arrested the offender as he was lunging at officers with a knife.

He later died in hospital.

Friday afternoon on Bourke Street Mall.
Source: Twitter

Amid the chaos, footage shows one individual trying to aid police by ramming the offender with a shopping trolley.

After falling to the ground, the man gets up and tries to assist with the trolley again.

Another individual is seen holding a chair grabbed from a nearby restaurant.

The identities of both are unknown. Police are yet to comment on the actions of the bystanders and if they assisted or placed themselves in harm's way.

Premier Daniel Andrews praised police and those that intervened.

"Those strangers, people who were bystanders who knew nobody involved, who stepped in without a moment's hesitation, to render support and assistance to the brave members of the Victoria Police, they too, people whose qualities make all of us proud as well," Mr Andrews said.

Some social media users shared their thanks for "trolley man" in particular.

Published 9 November 2018 at 9:38pm
Source: SBS News