Brandis in Indonesia for terror talks

Indonesian and Australian ministers are meeting other regional representatives amid the backdrop of a rising threat in the Philippines.

Tracking the movement of terrorists and challenging encrypted communications are among the issues Indonesia and Australia hope to tackle at a sub-regional meet this weekend, focused on the ongoing seige in the Philippines.

Attorney-General George Brandis and Indonesian Security Minister Wiranto are co-hosting the meet, which includes representatives from Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Brunei at the counter-terrorism meeting in Manado, North Sulawesi on Friday and Saturday.

"We expect important outcomes tomorrow, which will serve what binds us all together and that is the desire to keep our people safe," Mr Brandis told reporters on Friday.

The meet comes amid fears that as Islamic State loses ground in the Middle East it will seek footholds elsewhere.

Nowhere is the threat so close as in the Philippines, where government forces remain locked in a battle with ISIS militants in the southern city Marawi.

Chair In Global Islamic Politics at Deakin University in Melbourne, Greg Barton, said the fighting in the Philippines reveals there has been a "level of intelligence failure in not recognising how serious the threat was".

At the meeting, Mr Brandis said they will discuss several issues, including how many to track fighters' movements, disrupt networks and adopt a more integrated regional approach to border management.

They are also set to discuss combating the use of encrypted communications and social media to spread extremists' messages.

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