Brexit regret: Have Welsh voters changed their mind on Brexit?


In the 2016 referendum, Welsh voters chose to leave the European Union. But recent polling has suggested there’s an element of Brexit Regret.

Ben Lewis reports from Wrexham, Northern Wales

As the leaves begin to turn in Wales, the landscape takes on a story-book quality. 

But this is a country with complex demographics.

There are fertile farmlands, alongside economic hardship. 

Wrexham is one of the worst hit regions.

In some parts, nearly half the children live in poverty. 

Ben Lewis

The European Union makes aid contributions to the area, but in the referendum 59 per cent of Wrexham voters chose to leave the EU. 

In the main street, Ffion Rees is busking to earn some spare cash for college - singing songs in the traditional Welsh language. 

In December, she’s going to be voting for the first time.

She’s unsure on who to vote for, but when it comes to Brexit her mind’s made up.

Ben Lewis

“I think we should stay in the EU,” she said.  “I’m not really political, but everything was working fine before so why change anything really?”

Her mum Nerys is watching on.

Nerys lives in a rural area with limited transport and she says the winter polling date could prevent some people from having their say. 

“It depends where they put their polling stations,” she said. 

"A lot of young people, and the elderly, they can’t get out to vote with the weather. We do get a lot of snow in Wales.”

Ben Lewis

The weather won’t stop those living in town from casting a ballot, but many aren’t sure if they’ll bother anyway. 

It’s a quiet weekday at the pub.

Amber Dean is working behind the bar, pouring the occasional beer.

She’s fed up with politics in general and she’s far from being the only one. 

Ben Lewis

“Normally I go with Labour, my own personal views. To be honest, they’re all as bad as each other,” she said. 

“There’s no particular party I’d go 'yes' or 'no' for.

"Nothing has changed since the original referendum three-and-a-half years ago.

"I think we’re going to be in the same situation going into the new year as well, this will rumble on for months and months.” 


Labour has won the seat of Wrexham at every election since 1935, but the incumbent 'remain'-supporting MP is stepping down and the Conservatives think they can steal this constituency.

At the cobblers, John Bowgett is repairing shoes and copying keys.

Ben Lewis

He says he’s backing Boris Johnson because he still has faith the Prime Minister can get Brexit over the line.

“I just feel it’s a case of it’s dragged on for long enough," he said.

"They’ve had their chance to get out, they keep hanging onto this every last piece about staying in the European Union, where the British public have voted to leave. 

“You should go with the flow rather than going against it.”

Wrexham’s a long way from Westminster but soon its voice will be heard. 

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