Budget 2018: Funding freeze for ABC, boost for SBS

Budget 2018: The Turnbull government has announced a funding freeze for the ABC but a boost for the Special Broadcasting Service.

SBS News

SBS News Source: SBS News

The funding will be over two years for SBS to replace revenue that could not be raised by changes to its advertising regime, and $3 million to support the development of Australian film and television content via the Department of Communications and the Arts.

However, the ABC will have the indexation of its operational funding paused, in what the government says will help it “find back-office efficiencies”.

This will result in savings of $83 million over three years from 2019-20 to 2021-22.

“This will maintain the ABC’s base operational funding at 2018-19 levels, resulting in $3.16 billion in Government funding over the 2019-20 to 2021-22 period,” the Budget papers state.


Published 8 May 2018 at 7:59pm, updated 8 May 2018 at 9:37pm