Canada PM Trudeau's emotional reunion with Syrian refugee family

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau breaks down while speaking to a Syrian refugee Source: CBC Toronto

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has wiped away tears after reuniting with a Syrian refugee family a year after he welcomed into the country.

A year ago Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed Syrian refugee Vanig Garabedian and his family to the country.

In an emotional reunion, Mr Trudeau reunited with the family and listened to Mr Garabedian, who is a gynecologist, talk about the moment he and his family arrived in Canada in December 2015.

CBC Toronto reported Mr Garabedian said he felt relieved when he set foot on Canadian soil.

"When we landed at Pearson airport, and the very first person we shook hands [with] was the prime minister," he said.

"When I met Mr Prime Minister at that moment, he said two words - 'Welcome home.' So imagine you are living in a war zone, you are leaving your home and you are welcomed by two words: welcome home.

"So my memories of that moment went back to Syria before war, our life, our happiness there, and the horrible moments we went through during war. So I felt myself that I'm proud to be here."

Source SBS News

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