Canberra Theatre Centre threatened over hijab billboard

An image that sparked threats in Melbourne earlier this month has once again raised the ire of supporters of anti-Islamic group Respect Australia.

The Canberra Theatre Centre has deleted a Facebook post about an Australia Day advertisement following several threats of violence.
The post stated the theatre was "proud" to have a digital billboard displaying two Muslim girls with Australian flags above its entrance until January 26.
Screenshot from a Respect Australia Facebook post.
But anti-Islamic group Respect Australia on Facebook called on its members to phone the theatre and complain. 
According to ABC, the theatre removed the post in response to threatening messages it received.
The Facebook post by Respect Australia is still online, with hundreds of comments that include racist remarks and calls to bomb, set fire or destroy the screen with bricks.
hijab billboard
Screenshot from the Respect Australia Facebook post.
According to the Canberra Times, threats were referred to ACT Police.
The billboard is expected to remain on display.
The ACT's Chief Minister Andrew Barr told the Canberra Times, "there will always be racist rednecks in any community but I'm not going to give them any succour in the ACT".
"You can't threaten to blow up buildings in this country without facing criminal charges," he said.
"For those who are concerned about the contents of the signs I have a very simple message: 'get a life, get over it'."
The same image of the two girls wearing hijabs sparked threats earlier this month when it was displayed on a billboard in Melbourne.
It was taken down, but a crowdfunding campaign raised nearly $170,000 to spread the image across the country.

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