Candidates fall before election day

Fifteen candidates have been disendorsed since the starting gun was fired on the federal election campaign, with doubts over a further two.

Disendorsed Liberal candidate for Lyons Jessica Whelan.

Liberal candidate for Lyons Jessica Whelan was disendorsed for anti-Muslim social media comments. (AAP)



* Jessica Whelan (Liberal, Lyons) - anti-Muslim social media comments

* Peter Killin (Liberal, Wills) - writing about dangers of gay people and insulting fellow Liberal Tim Wilson

* Jeremy Hearn (Liberal, Isaacs) - Facebook slur against Muslims

* Murray Angus (Liberal, Corio) - friendly comments about Labor candidate

* Kate Oski (Liberal, Lalor) - citizenship doubts

* Vaishali Ghosh (Liberal, Wills) - citizenship doubts

* Helen Jackson (Liberal, Cooper) - public servant

* Courtney Nguyen (Liberal, Fowler) - citizenship doubts

* Sam Kayal (Liberal, Werriwa) - citizenship doubts

* James Harker-Mortlock (Nationals, Whitlam) - citizenship doubts

* Steve Dickson (One Nation, Queensland Senate) - strip club scandal

* Wayne Kurnoth (Labor, NT Senate) - offensive social media posts

* Melissa Parke - (Labor, Curtin) - Comments on Palestine

* Mary Ross (Labor, NSW Senate) - citizenship doubts

* Luke Creasey (Labor, Melbourne) - vulgar social media comments about women, posted seven years ago


* Rod Culleton (Great Australian Party, WA Senate) - referred to federal police over an alleged false statement denying his bankruptcy

* Ross Macdonald (One Nation, Leichhardt) - racist and sexist social media posts

Published 3 May 2019 at 2:50pm
Source: AAP