Cannabis hub plans for Christmas Island

(AAP) Source: Star Tribune

AusCann has switched its focus from Norfolk to Christmas Island as it forges ahead with plans to grow and export medicinal cannabis crops.

An Australian company is now eyeing Christmas Island as a hub to grow and export medicinal cannabis.

AusCann is excited about federal government plans to allow the controlled cultivation of cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes.

It wants to become the first Australian company involved in the commercial production of medicinal cannabis for export to Europe and elsewhere.

The company initially wanted to grow its crops on Norfolk Island.

But the end of self-governance in the offshore territory, among other frustrations, has seen the company switch its focus to Christmas Island.

"Our future, at the moment, looks more likely to be on Christmas Island," AusCann chairman, former Liberal MP Mal Washer, told AAP on Sunday.

Dr Washer, who is a medical doctor, says Christmas Island, off Western Australia's northwest coast, could be the fastest way for AusCann to get up and running.

He says mainland states and territories would still have be pass their own enabling legislation to underpin any change to the federal laws.

But because Christmas Island is under the direct control of the federal government, with only an administrator in place, that wouldn't be required there.

"The administrator Barry Haase has been very proactive, he's been doing a lot of work with the health department, (federal Health Minister) Susan Ley's office, and the Department of Infrastructure which really controls these islands," Dr Washer said.

He said the local community was also very supportive about the cannabis cultivation plan, given the limited economic opportunities on Christmas Island.

Source AAP

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