Cathy Freeman backs the use of technology in treating asthma

Olympic champion Cathy Freeman has revealed how she battled chronic asthma during her decorated athletic career.

The 40-year-old was only diagnosed 6 years ago and is now advocating the use of technology in asthma management.

Ms Freeman has disclosed her personal battle with asthma and says her symptoms went un-diagnosed for decades.

“Chest tightness, wheezing and struggling to breathe; I’ve become anxious, frustrated and a little bit embarrassed even,” says Ms Freeman.

Now, a new "wheeze-testing" device has been designed to interact with a smart-phone application to provide data on a patient's response to asthma triggers.

Doctors say the new device will provide crucial information in developing asthma management plans.

More than 2 million Australians suffer from asthma, which is claiming close to 400 lives every year.

However, in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, hospitalisation and death rates associated with asthma are proportionately higher.

For Cathy Freeman who lost a sister to respiratory illness, embracing technology as part of a management plan is well worth considering.

“I kind of look at it and I think if this device had existed with my late sister, her respiratory condition might have been managed better,” says Ms Freeman.

Source: World News Australia

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