China declares war on 'weird' architecture

The People's Daily newspaper building in Beijing, China. (AAP) Source: AAP

The Chinese government has had enough of "weird" buildings popping up and aims to put a stop to it.

The Chinese State Council has had it: no more “weird” architecture. Buildings should be "suitable, economic, green and pleasing to the eye", as opposed to the "oversized, xenocentric, weird" architecture that has sprung up in cities.

President Xi Jinping said this trend reflected "a lack of cultural confidence and some city officials' distorted attitudes about political achievements". 

Several eccentric structures have graced the skyline of many cities in recent years, including Beijing’s state television headquarters, also referred to as the “Big Trousers” for its pants-like design. 

This is not the first time President Xi has spoken out about his aversion to how China's construction boom has spawned a plague of "weird buildings". He first spoke out about it in 2014. 

The plans were announced two two months after the Central Urban Work Conference, which tackled urban issues such as pollution, public safety and traffic jams. The last time this meeting was held was in 1978, when only 18 per cent of the population lived in towns and cities. That figure had increased to 55 per cent – or 750 million people – by the end of last year.  


Source SBS

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