Chinese students dress up like famous paintings and it's hilarious

A school in China gets creative when teaching their students about classical art. Source: Weibo

A group of school students in Hangzhou, China have imitated iconic paintings from history for a school competition. The results are equal parts hilarious and adorable.

A school in Hangzhou, east China has organised a competition to encourage its students to appreciate classical art.

To take part in the competition, students must submit a photo of themselves replicating a famous historical painting.

Organisers of the school contest said they hoped by imitating these iconic works of art, students would gain an understand which is not always conveyed by simply looking at a work of art.

Several photographs have been submitted, with student dressed in costume and posing with an intensity second to the original art works themselves.


All the student entries are to be showcased at the school's upcoming art exhibition.

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