Climate change may kill your sex drive: study


Are you a climate change sceptic? This could change your mind.

US researchers have found climate change could have a deadening effect on your sex drive.

A working paper from the US National Bureau of Economic Research has found one hot day, defined as over 26 degrees, lead to 1100 fewer babies nine months down the track.

The US currently experiences on average 30 days over 80 degrees Farenheit, or 26 degrees Celcuis, in a year, but climate researchers believe with climate change that number could rise to up to 90 such days a year.

This would mean 100,000 babies would be born each year in the US alone.

The study found more babies were born over the cooler months, but these babies were not enough to cover those babies who were not conceived on the hotter days.

The researchers said they examined the affect of higher temperatures on the birth rate between 1931 and 2010.

"The lack of a full rebound suggests that increased temperatures due to climate change may reduce population growth rates in the coming century," the study said.

"As an added cost, climate change will shift even more births to the summer months when third trimester exposure to dangerously high temperatures increases.

"Based on our analysis of historical changes in the temperature-fertility relationship, we conclude air conditioning could be used to substantially offset the fertility costs of climate change." 

Source SBS News

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