Climate denier senator wants CSIRO inquiry

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts. Source: AAP

A climate change-denying One Nation senator is challenging the CSIRO and weather bureau to produce empirical evidence on the threat of global warming.

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts has staged a walkout of his own press conference, after journalists veered off the topic of climate change science. 

Senator Roberts had called the press conference a day earlier to take place in Parliament House’s main committee room where he planned to launch his 42-page response to the CSIRO on the issue.

“We have had complete failure of science in policies that has cost Australian taxpayers and citizens and Queensland residents billions of dollars and has cost lives,” Senator Roberts said. 

But questions quickly turned to the topic of Rod Culleton, Senator Roberts’ embattled colleague whom the federal government believes is ineligible to be in the parliament.  

“We personally support Rod and we always have through this, he’s going through a very difficult time emotionally and mentally,” Senator Roberts said.

After two more questions on the topic One Nation media adviser James Ashby shouted to journalists from his seat.

“We’re not on the subject of Rod Culleton this morning we have a different agenda this morning, so stick with it ‘eh?” he said.  

Journalists chose to ignore the advice, which led to Senator Roberts abruptly ending his own press conference with a quick “thank you very much for your attention this morning”.  

Senator Roberts wants the CSIRO and weather bureau to face an independent inquiry over what he claims is a lack of empirical evidence that links climate change and human activity.

Despite a special briefing from the CSIRO, Senator Roberts claims the case for global warming doesn't stack up.

The controversial Queensland senator was flanked by climate skeptics Tim Ball and Tony Heller (who also goes by the name Steven Goddard) at his press conference.  

“The CSIRO has no empirical evidence that proves carbon dioxide from our activity effects climate, none,” Senator Roberts said.  

He said his job and that of One Nation was to make sure Turnbull government ministers “uphold their responsibilities”.  

“We are tired of being ripped off and that’s what’s happening, these ministers are either part of the scam or they are complicit by not doing their diligence,” Senator Roberts said.    

Senator Roberts also denied when asked a question on the topic of conspiracy that it was ever a word he had used.

“The people who are using the word conspiracy are people like you and it’s quite often used to denigrate because the facts are clear,” he said.

The CSIRO released a short but sharp statement not long after Senator Roberts walked out of his own press conference.

"CSIRO stands behind its peer-reviewed science on environment, climate and climate change," it read.  

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