Coal comfort for thousands of Morwell residents


Thousands of people have marched through the Victorian town of Morwell to demand a pollutant-spewing coal mine fire be put out.

 Many wearing face masks, they marched in their thousands through the streets of Morwell.

“We’re just a little country town’, one man said. ‘No one cares as long as Melbourne gets power.’

A fire has been burning in a coal mine attached to the Hazelwood power-station near the Victorian town since February 9, spewing smoke and other pollutants across the town.

Victoria's Chief Health officer has recommended those in Morwell South relocate, especially the young,old, pregnant women and those with pre-existing heart or lung conditions.

The State Government and mine owners are in the firing line of locals - an angry town meeting was held on Sunday, fronted by authorities who faced some tough questioning.

"I want to see more support and more accurate information to say there’s no long term health impacts”, Greens Senator Richard Di Natale said. “It’s just wrong”

Authorities say they've made headway with the blaze but worsening weather conditions have been predicted for the week ahead.

“There’s still a lot of work to do”, The Victorian Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley said.

“There’s still a lot of smoke coming from the open cut.”

The State Government has announced an Inquiry once the blaze is out – but the date is yet to be set.

Source World News Australia

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