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The A-League and AFL are launching pro esports leagues. In Part 1 of this two-part debate, Elle Hardy wrote that esports "stunt people’s ability to survive life...
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The A-League and the AFL are building e-league teams. Elle Hardy makes the argument that professional esports 'speak to the emptiness that is a product of our...
Zaatari Refugee Camp is home to 80,000 Syrians – over half of them children – and is now Jordan’s fourth biggest city. TV chef, UNICEF Australia ambassador and...
As Britain marks 100 years since women were granted the right to vote, here's a look at the current situation around the world.
When it comes to birth control options for men, the need is clear. Unplanned pregnancy rates remain high across the globe. It’s time for more options.
Mum, dad and two kids is no longer the typical Australian family - and our political leaders need to ensure social policies reflect this.
As the numbers of older Australians grow, the pressure to provide housing that meets their needs is increasing.
Australia has given same-sex marriage a resounding Yes but some electorates with high immigrant populations voted No.
Australians have voted in favour of same-sex marriage, but changing the definition in the 1961 Marriage Act is only just the start.
The UN Human Rights Committee says Australia must stop rejecting refugees and change its migration laws in a scathing review of the country's human rights record....
A study has found overseas migrants more readily trust websites and social media for news compared with those born in Australia.
New research shows opportunities improve over time but mostly in low-skilled occupations.
Nearly all 742 residents are intending to remain at the PNG detention centre, established in 2001.
Research reveals the most common form of sexual harassment women face at work, and how they are dealing with it.

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The outspoken media personality condemned the violence at one of his events overnight in Melbourne and urged the Australian alt-right to become more effective activists.
From same-sex marriage to Manus refugees, Twitter has revealed the most talked about topics in Australia.
As the tradition of Sinterklaas or 'St Nick's Day' is celebrated on 5th December in the Netherlands and by Dutch nationals all around the world, the topic of...
Yemen has been devastated by a war with Saudi Arabia and is facing a humanitarian catastrophe on the same scale as Syria.
US President Donald Trump has angered native American tribes in Utah by declaring two monuments will be cut down in size.
McDonald's has apologised after a student filmed her unpleasant experience at a London restaurant.
Spencer and Roz played more than 300 games of Words With Friends together before finally meeting thanks to a kind pastor.