Community dinner breaking bread and barriers


About 300 people have turned out for community dinner in Sydney aimed at making new Australians feel welcome.

Hundreds of people have attended a community dinner in Sydney aimed at making new Australians feel welcome.

Now in is second year, the Welcome Dinner Project brings together both newly arrived and established Australians.

Newly arrived Australians include migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and international students.

As well as large community events in capital cities across the country, the event also includes dinners for smaller groups of people hosted in people's homes.

Founder Penny Elsley said it was aimed at breaking down barriers.

"People meet others from  their neighborhood who they would otherwise walk past on the street in a setting that breaks down boundaries and fosters real and meaningful connection," she said.

Its also about sharing great food, with each person bringing a dish that reminds them of home.

To find out more or register to host a dinner in your home, head to

Source: SBS

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