Corby edges closer to Bali parole decision

Schapelle Corby. (AAP)

Schapelle Corby's case for parole has been heard behind closed doors, but Indonesian authorities won't reveal if it recommended in her favour.

Schapelle Corby's case for parole has been heard behind closed doors by Indonesian authorities, who won't reveal if it recommended her release from a Bali jail.

The parole hearing was the last major hurdle for the 36-year-old convicted drug smuggler before her probable release from Kerobokan Prison.

Akbar, a spokesman for the Indonesian Corrections Directorate General, confirmed on Monday the hearing had taken place in Jakarta last week.

"Yes, the parole hearing has been conducted, last week, on Thursday to be exact," he told reporters.

"But we can't tell the result yet. Let's wait."

Corby was not present at the hearing.

The decision to grant parole rests with Justice Minister Amir Syamsuddin.

If the recommendation was in favour of parole, and it is approved, Corby could be released within days, after more than nine years behind bars.

Mr Syamsuddin has already said publicly he could see no reason why Corby's parole bid should be rejected.

She has already been issued a passport and approval from the Indonesian immigration department to serve out her sentence in her sister Mercedes' Kuta home.

Corby was caught in 2004 attempting to smuggle more than four kilograms of marijuana into Bali in a bodyboard bag.

Her 20-year sentence was slashed by five years after Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono last year granted her clemency on humanitarian grounds.

Hopes for Corby's parole were raised last month, when a French drug smuggler was freed to serve his parole in Jakarta after more than 14 years in jail.

Like Corby, Michael Blanc, 40, has always maintained his innocence.

Blanc was arrested the day after Christmas in 1999 at Bali's airport with 3.8 kilograms of hash hidden in diving canisters, which he says a friend gave him to transport.

Source AAP

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