Council retrieves Mascot Towers documents

Engineers await council documents that could pinpoint the cause of issues plaguing Mascot Towers. (AAP)

Geo-technical engineers are assessing Sydney's evacuated Mascot Towers as work continues to pinpoint the cause of the building's problems.

A local council has retrieved documents relating to Sydney's evacuated Mascot Towers which could help pinpoint the cause of the building's issues.

Bayside mayor Bill Saravinovski, who previously defended the time taken to get the paperwork, on Wednesday said the last of the documents sought by the building's engineers had been retrieved.

Engineers had requested documents dating back to 2004 including detailed structural plans for Mascot Towers, and geo-technical and hydraulic reports.

The information may help them pinpoint the cause of the 10-year-old building's issues - cracking in its primary support structure and facade masonry - which sparked the evacuation on June 14.

Since then, residents of the building's 132 units have been forced to stay elsewhere, with costs adding up as authorities scramble to determine who is at fault.

Geo-technical engineers are this week assessing the site, an update sent to owners and residents said on Tuesday.

Owners will be further updated by the owners' corporation's engineer at a meeting later this week.

On Wednesday, the developer of a neighbouring building again rejected speculation linking their recently-completed project with Mascot Towers' problems.

Aland Developments said they had engineers undertake a dilapidation report of surrounding buildings, including Mascot Towers, before the construction of Peak Towers.

"This report documents the state of the Mascot Towers building prior to the construction of Peak Towers, and clearly confirms there was pre-existing damage to the building," managing director Andrew Hrsto said in a statement.

"Aland is confident the inquiry underway will demonstrate conclusively that the structural issues with Mascot Towers are unrelated to construction of Peak Towers and in fact pre-dated the commencement of construction by several years."

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