Croatian PM's Australian visit receives mixed reception


Croatia's Prime Minister, Zoran Milanovic, has pledged $750,000 to promote Croatian studies while visiting Australia.

But community members say Prime Minister Milanovic is not welcome and they have banned him from community events.

In an interview with SBS World News, Prime Minister Milanovic said he is unconcerned by claims he is reviving Croatia's despotic past.

"Some people here are labeling me as a Tito's puppet, which couldn't be more ridiculous.

"I never served in the Communist Police, which many of my political opponents did. I was never a member of the Communist Party."

And he wouldn't be drawn on the protracted extradition process for alleged war criminal Daniel Snedden, also known as Captain Dragan.

Daniel Snedden is wanted over war crimes committed during the 1990s conflict and has been fighting extradition for years.

"Well you know we are talking about real murders and so someone has to be responsible and accountable for those acts committed."

Aussie would receive fair trial in Croatia: PM

Prime Minister Milanovic denies the extradition is politically motivated.

"As EU members you know we have withstood very very intense scrutiny in our accession talks, in particular of our judiciary, so I think that Croatia these days can stand for a fair trial."

If Snedden loses, he would be the first Australian citizen to be extradited to a foreign country over alleged war crimes.

Full interview: Prime Minister Milanovic speaks to SBS World News journalist Kristina Kukolja


Source SBS

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