Cuba says US 'deliberately lying' about 'sonic' attacks on diplomats

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno RodrAguez says the US is lying about sonic attacks on diplomats. (AAP)

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez says the US is 'deliberately lying' about unexplained 'sonic' attacks on diplomats in Cuba.

Cuba's foreign minister has accused the United States of lying about mysterious sonic attacks that US diplomats in Havana say left them with ailments including headaches, hearing problems and concussions.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez says the US is"deliberately lying" about the attacks, which Cuba's government has denied any knowledge of.

Speaking at a news conference, Rodriguez alleged the issue has been used "as a political pretext for damaging bilateral relations and eliminating the progress made" under US President Barrack Obama.

Rodriguez said the dispute has caused delays in proposed public health cooperation and technical meetings on agriculture as well as cultural, sporting and student events.

The Trump administration has said that 24 US officials or their relatives were subjected to deliberate attacks by a still-undetermined culprit. Many officials reported being subjected to loud, grating noises before falling ill.

The US has not accused Cuba's government of carrying out the attacks, but says it has not met its obligation to protect diplomats on its territory.

The US has cut staffing at its Havana embassy by 60 per cent in response to the incidents, expelled Cuban diplomats from their embassy in Washington, issued a travel warning for Americans going to Cuba and stopped issuing visas for Cubans in Havana.

The measures have sent US-Cuba relations plummeting from a high point under Obama.

Source: AAP - SBS Wires


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