Dastyari's harasser doesn't work for Toll

Transport company Toll says a man wearing one of its shirts while hassling Senator Sam Dastyari in Melbourne has not worked for the business for several months.

The far right campaigner who wore a high-vis Toll shirt while racially harassing Senator Sam Dastyari at a Melbourne pub no longer works for the transport company.

Convicted stalker Neil Erikson was wearing a Toll shirt as he filmed himself for more than three minutes calling the Labor MP a "monkey", a "terrorist" and telling him to go back to Iran.

Senator Dastyari earlier on Thursday complained he hadn't heard from Toll after going public about the Wednesday incident.

A Toll spokesperson said the company investigated after hearing about the verbal attack.

"Toll can confirm that the individual wearing the Toll polo shirt is not employed by Toll, and has not worked for us for several months," the company said in a statement.

"The actions of these individuals in no way reflect the beliefs and values of Toll.

"No member of the community should have to endure the behaviour displayed overnight and we do not tolerate such behaviour at our company."

Mr Erikson told Melbourne radio 3AW he wasn't employed by Toll and wore the shirt to his "other job".

But he also said he had the right to free speech.

"If he wants to go for Toll and try and hurt me financially he can go for it ... I believe that everyone has a right to freedom of speech," Mr Erikson told ABC radio.

Source AAP

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