From Antarctica's global warming to Amazon Jungle warfare, Aaron isn't afraid to tackle big issues.

Aaron Lewis isn't afraid to tackle the big issues. He's reported on global warming in Antarctica, The Great Meltdown, nuclear energy, The Nuclear Renaissance, and the search by physicists for the beginning of the universe, The God Particle.

Born and raised in Canada, Aaron Lewis joined Dateline in 2005. He trained as a cinematographer and began his career working as a filmmaker in Toronto, writing, producing and directing documentary and dramatic work.

Aaron has spent the last few years travelling across every continent covering historic moments including the funeral of one of the first American soldiers killed in Iraq, the SARS outbreak, Hurricane Katrina and the Asian Tsunami. He's also reported on big-picture issues like global climate change, the politics of Islam and the challenges posed by increasing economic development worldwide. In each case, Aaron has gone in alone with a camera and come out with the story.

Aaron's films - both dramatic and documentary - have received critical acclaim from Canadian, North American and Australian film festivals. In his daily work, Aaron strives to provide compassionate, intimate and thought-provoking access to the lives and struggles of real people living through dramatic moments of change.

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