Nick's career has been devoted to broadcasting, from ABC Radio to programs like Landline.

Nick Lazaredes has spent his entire career devoted to broadcasting - starting as a cadet with ABC Radio in Brisbane in 1985, followed by several years reporting throughout Australia for the Countrywide and Landline programs on ABC TV.

In 1992 he won Australia's national Dalgety award for Rural TV journalism.

Just months after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Nick moved to Moscow, where he established a TV production company, traveling extensively in Russia, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan reporting for television current affairs programs in Britain, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Later, Nick was the first foreigner to establish a permanent market presence in Russia's virgin television industry - distributing television programs from Australia, Britain and the United States to TV networks throughout Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent states.

Nick returned to Australia in 2000, initially working as a reporter for SBS TV World News in Sydney, and later as a political correspondent in Canberra, before joining Dateline in 2001.

In his years with the program, Nick has filmed and produced reports from locations as diverse as Madagascar, Moldova, Morocco, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Easter Island as well as producing a number of investigative reports from Greece, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Italy, Ukraine, the UK and the United States.

He speaks Russian, and has a strong interest in international strategic affairs, counter-intelligence and investigative journalism.

Outside of work, as a long time carer for his autistic son, Nick has developed a strong interest in advocating for the rights of the disabled and raising awareness about autism.

In 2005 he was awarded the New York Festivals Silver World Medal for Best News and Documentary Special, and in 2006 he was awarded two New York Festivals Bronze Medals for Best News Documentary Special and Best Social Affairs Documentary.

In 2007 he was a finalist in the New York Festivals category for Best News Reporter/Correspondent for his coverage of the armed conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, and the bombing of Beirut in August 2006.

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