Prison, Threats to Family: Aus-based pro-democracy activists fear consequences back home


Despite themselves, these two men are speaking out in support of democracy in their homeland.

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On June 9, international student Jared Fu led 1,000 protesters through central Sydney in support of pro-democracy demonstrations in his native Hong Kong.  

“I would not disregard the possibility of being detained [when I return to Hong Kong] for what I have contributed here in Sydney,” says Jared.

“The [Hong Kong] Government are conducting a new kind of tactic to scare off the new wave of protests. They arrest people first then they think about what charges to implement.

They might use me as an example to fear-monger and prevent other people from trying to speak out.

Lin Bin is a radio host for China Radio Network, an independent platform for Chinese language speakers in Australia. 

“Recently I received some messages asking me to stop talking about the democracy of Hong Kong,” he told Dateline.

“The message said ‘Do you still want to go back to Hong Kong to visit your relatives there? If you want to visit them you have to stop talking about democracy in Hong Kong’.”