• Tony Kirwan, of Destiny Rescue, poses as a man looking for child sex workers in the Philippines. (SBS Dateline)
An estimated 100,000 children in the Philippines are involved in prostitution. We go undercover with a Queensland dad who’s working with local police to track down the underground pimps of this criminal world.
Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 21:30

"What's it like walking into a brothel and asking someone if they've got a child you can have sex with?," reporter Amos Roberts asks Australian Tony Kirwan, in this week's Dateline.

"I was extremely uncomfortable when I first started doing this," he responds.

"But at the same time knowing that if I don't go in, then the kids that are in there are never going to have a chance of getting out."

Tony runs Destiny Rescue, a charity based in Southeast Asia, whose mission is to investigate the child sex trade across the region - working with local authorities to rescue young girls and arrest criminals.

We join him on the streets of Manila, as he tackles the Philippines' child sex trade - which an estimated 100,000 minors are forced into each year.

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Reporter / Camera: Amos Roberts

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