The frightened faces of children tell the story of Syria's conflict, including the aftermath of an attack on a school caught on camera.
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 21:30

Nothing portrays the trauma and upheaval of Syria's conflict more clearly than the faces of children, attacked while simply trying to attend school or displaced from their homes into appalling conditions in refugee camps.

Their stories are told in a heartbreaking report from the BBC's Panorama, now also screened by Dateline.

Reporter Ian Pannell follows Rola Hallam, an intensive care doctor from London with a Syrian background, and Saleyha Ahsan, an emergency doctor also from London. They both work with the Hand in Hand for Syria charity.

They'd been to war zones before, but nothing had prepared them for the terrible emergency that unfolded during filming.

An incendiary attack on a school left 10 children dead and more than 40 horribly burned, all descending on a makeshift hospital in Aleppo with few staff and inadequate facilities.

As they and their colleagues fight to save lives, the fear and confusion is captured by the cameras, and so is Rola and Saleyha's anger that it's the children who are bearing the brunt of Syria's conflict.

Unfortunately this story is no longer available for copyright reasons, but you can still read the transcript or watch the interview with Saleyha Ahsan below.

Saleyha Ahsan Interview

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