South America

The exiled Venezuelan leader who won’t give up


Antonio Ledezma is the former mayor of Venezuela’s bustling capital city, Caracas. After challenging President Nicolás Maduro, Ledezma was made public enemy and forced to flee the country he wants to save from ruin.

For years, life in Venezuela was one of envy in Latin America thanks to its large oil reserves.

However in 2013, the prospects for the country of over 30 million people shifted quickly. The death of leader Hugo Chavez was followed by a crash in oil prices and incumbent president Nicolás Maduro has not been short of critics locally and broad as the nation plunged into meltdown.

Few opponents have been as active as Antonio Ledezma, the former Mayor of the country’s capital Caracas. After run-ins with Maduro and other opponents, Ledezma was forced to flee his home and now leads his political charge from the safety of other side of the globe.

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