The Intern Diaries: Internet Love in a Strange Land

Dateline's crew in the Faroe Islands. Source: SBS Dateline

How has online dating changed the face of the Faroe Islands? Reporter Bernadine Lim talks about her recent Dateline story, looking at the effect internet matchmaking has had on multiculturalism in this small island community.

This week’s episode of Dateline, ‘Internet Love in a Strange Land’explores the shortage of women living in the Faroe Islands, and the struggles of local men trying to find a partner.

The executive producer of Dateline and reporter of this week’s episode, Bernadine Lim, sat down with intern Pema Dolkar, to share some behind the scenes stories.

“The Faroe Islands until about 15 years ago has been mono-cultural. What internet dating was doing was bringing multiculturalism for the first time,” said Bernadine.

She discusses the deep emotional connections she formed with the locals and how they took care of the team while they were shooting there.

“It’s a place very much lost in time. I’ve never seen landscape like that before,” she says.

Listen to Bernadine and Pema’s full chat here:

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Source SBS Dateline