The Intern Diaries: Sex, Lies and Soap Operas

Dateline reporter Calliste Weitenberg talks about her latest film, which looks at Indian TV producers tackling sex, marital rape and acid attacks across the subcontinent.

This episode of The Intern Diaries goes behind-the-scenes of Dateline reporter Calliste Weitenberg’s latest film, ‘Sex, Lies and Soap Operas’.

Calliste’s trip to India saw her chasing the stories of people who are challenging the country’s traditional views of women, with their edgy and inspiring ‘edutainment’ shows.

“This is a conversation that’s actually happening in India, it wasn’t hard to get people talking about these issues or the topic of feminism or women’s rights,” she tells Dateline intern Harrison Johnstone.

“I want to tell these stories and that’s why you go and speak to these women, and yes, they’re difficult, horrible topics to talk about…but that is a fact of life and there’s no time to be confronted by it, you just need to talk about it.

“I want Australians to see that Indian content isn’t all about soap operas and these melodramatic formats…it’s also very cool.

“How original and bizarre and unusual and really bold and kind of out-there what these shows are and what they’re doing.

“Women have entered the scene and their voices are being heard.”

Listen to Calliste’s chat with Harrison here:

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