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The Intern Diaries: Youth In Revolt

Reporter Dean Cornish interviews Raymond Aguilar. Source: SBS Dateline

How are young, politics-minded Americans responding to Trump? Dateline reporter Dean Cornish chats about his latest story 'Youth In Revolt' on this episode of The Intern Diaries.

The recent Dateline story, ‘Youth in Revolt’, explores the influence young people are having over local and national US politics. The episode follows Michael Tubbs and Alex Morse, two ‘millennial mayors’ who are both creating change in their local cities in a radically different way to their predecessors.

US-based reporter, Dean Cornish, sat down with Dateline intern Alicia Scott, to share some insights about the making of this film.

When talking about the inspiration behind the film, Dean said, “There’s a lot of doom and gloom coming out of the States at the moment with what’s happening with the current [Trump] administration, and we wanted to see what the flipside of it looked like.”

Dean discusses how, as baby boomers begin to end their careers, young people are not afraid to take power into their own hands, as they deal with pressing issues such as housing affordability and climate change.

“Millennials don’t rely on norms and they don’t wait to be given the reins of power; a lot of them are just prepared to take it,” he says.

Listen to Dean and Alicia’s full chat here:

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