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'DO NOT shoot weapons at Irma': Police urge Floridians not to fire guns at hurricane


A Facebook event has urged Americans to fire their guns at Hurricane Irma before it made landfall in Florida on Sunday.

As the deadly Hurricane Irma approached Florida, after ripping through the US Virgin Islands, more than 55,000 people have shown interest in a Facebook event titled "Shoot at Hurricane Irma".

The event description reads, "Yo so this goofy looking windy head*** named Irma said they pulling up on us, let's show Irma that we shoot first".

The Pasco Sheriff Office tweeted to warn people off even thinking about going outside in the treacherous weather to shoot at the hurricane.

"To clarify, DO NOT shoot weapons @ . You won't make it turn around & it will have very dangerous side effects,' the tweet read.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence also tweeted against shooting the hurricane.

Creator, Ryon Edwards, said it was supposed to be a light-hearted event.

"A combination of stress and boredom made me start the event,' he told the BBC.

"The response is a complete and total surprise to me.

"I never envisioned this event becoming some kind of crazy idea larger than myself. It has become something a little out of my control."

Havana neighbourhoods underwater in Irma's wake
Havana neighbourhoods underwater in Irma's wake

Hurricane Irma slowed to a Category Two storm after making its second landfall in Florida on Sunday, US forecasters said, warning it still had "dangerous" winds causing "life-threatening" storm surges.

At 5:00 pm (2100 GMT), the hurricane had top winds of 110 miles (177 kilometers) per hour -- at the top end of the Category Two storm range -- with the eye of the storm located just five miles (eight kilometers) north of Naples, the National Hurricane Center said.

"Dangerous storm surges expected immediately after the eye passage along the Florida West Coast," the NHC said. "This is a life-threatening situation. Persons located within these areas should take all necessary actions to protect life and property from rising water and the potential for other dangerous conditions."

It cautioned that although it was set to weaken further, Irma was expected to remain a hurricane at least through early Monday.

-With AFP.


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