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Don't test the will of Israel: Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned those threatening to challenge Israel's sovereignty. (AAP)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told an Australian-NZ service commemorating the Battle of Beersheba that Israel will attack those who seek to attack it.

Benjamin Netanyahu has used an event marking the centenary of the famed Battle of Beersheba to send a warning to those threatening to challenge Israel's sovereignty.

The prime minister, together with his Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull, addressed a crowd of thousands at a joint Australian-New Zealand service on Tuesday, commemorating the World War One charge of the Light Horse regiments.

He said the story of the 800 Australians, who went up against 4000 Turkish soldiers in bunkers armed with machine guns and won, represented the spirit of Israel's army.

And that still stands today, Mr Netanyahu said.

"We seek peace with all our neighbours, but we will not tolerate any attacks on our sovereignty, on our people, on our land - whether from the air, from the sea, from the ground or below the ground," he said to cheers.

"We attack those who seek to attack us, and those who contemplate that, I strongly advise you: do not test the will of the state of Israel or the army of Israel."

He credited the Australians involved in the charge with playing an important part in the "rebirth of the Jewish people", believing that the 31 who died in the battle would be proud of the deep and enduring alliance between the two nations.

"We stand for progress, we stand for peace, we stand for democracy, we stand against tyranny and terror," Mr Netanyahu said.

"Israel salutes the sacrifice of these brave soldiers."

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