East Timor skier eyes winter Olympics


A 19-year-old teenager from East Timor is gearing up to become the country's first ever Winter Olympian.

Yohan Goutt, who has set base in Victoria's Mount Buller, has already qualified for the International Ski Federation slalom races making him one step closer to achieving his dream.

"It's deep into my heart to represent East Timor in the next Olympic Games. East Timor is helping to fulfil my dream," Yohan said.

Yohan who was born in France, his father's native country, has experienced the extremes of two continents.

"I had a French side in Europe, a cold weather and skiing part and a Timorese side - a very unified country.”

The teenager, whose parents arrived in Australia as refugees on board a fishing boat after escaping persecution in East Timor, said he wanted to change the way East Timor was perceived.

"The world basically when they hear about East Timor they think about the war...they think about the politics and the bad managing of the country.

"East Timor is a fun country where the youngsters are willing to get out of that image and show that they are sporting and a beautiful country," he said.

Source SBS

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