Ebay removes Swede's marriage offer to Americans after Trump win

Gustav Hallen Source: Facebook

Auction website Ebay has removed a Swedish man's listing which offered marriage to an American looking to leave the US following Donald Trump's election win.

Stockholm resident Gustav Hallen only wanted to "spread a bit of love" to counter "negative reactions" to the US presidential election when he posted an Ebay listing offering marriage, and possible Swedish citizenship, to an American for US$50,000.

Despite his light-hearted intentions, the website removed the listing one day after it was posted.

"You are not allowed to sell freedom, (and) you're not allowed to sell people," he told SBS, describing Ebay's reasoning.

The Ebay post before it was removed
The Ebay post before it was removed (CNN)

"The intention was to spread a bit of love to my friends on Facebook and tackle the problem in a different way to open up the conversation about this. We're sadly heading the same way here in Sweden and I really want to stop that. That was the intention. Not to be world news.

"(I) hope it put a smile one some peoples faces."

Before it was taken down, Mr Hallen said in the listing he was "open for all suggestions female, male and others. Likes long walks and Netflix and chill".

Describing the seriousness of the offer, he jokingly told Swedish website The Local, he would “maybe take it for real" if someone offered him the money requested.

“Nah, the price is more of a reassurance that it can’t happen. An immense amount of money. At the same time I also tried to put a price on the 'dream of freedom' that we have in life here in Sweden."

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