Every day is a holiday for this Japanese office after turning office into a beach


A Japanese company has brought sand and virtual waves into their office.

If you can't have your office at the beach, why not bring the beach into your office?

A company in Tokyo has done just that, complete with projected 3D images of lapping water, relaxing ocean sounds and two tonnes of real sand.

The company Bizreach, an executive job agency, says the seaside theme relaxes staff and inspires them.

"It's air-conditioned in here, so it's a bit different from the hot summer beach, but other than that I feel almost like I'm working on a beach. And the sound of the waves help me concentrate," says Bizreach employee Ayami Oda.

Oda's colleague Kurumi Nishi agrees saying, "Obviously I cannot enter the water, but the sound of waves comforts me. I don't think I need a vacation this summer as I'm already refreshed."

Source Reuters

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