Fight to dump West Gate Tunnel drags on

Premier Daniel Andrews says he will try and push ahead with Melbourne's West Gate Tunnel toll road. (AAP)

A bid to use parliamentary process to stop Melbourne's $6.7 billion West Gate Tunnel being built will drag into another sitting week.

Attempts in parliament to stop the building of Melbourne's $6.7 billion West Gate Tunnel toll road are set to drag on.

The opposition's David Davis attempted on Wednesday to revoke planning approval for the controversial project in the upper house with the support of the Greens.

Debate, however, dragged on and has been shunted to resume in two weeks.

"This project is so poor on a number of levels ... it delivers a poor outcome, it's a poor process, bad deals have been done and it's an environmental disaster," Greens leader Samantha Ratnam said in the chamber.

"We know that it won't solve truck and congestion problems in the west, it will just move the problem around."

But the government's Daniel Mulino said the road would be "linking people in some of our fastest growing communities to the CBD" and pointed to industry support.

"The Property Council has warned that what Mr Davis is doing will threaten investment and development in this state - the Property Council, hardly a Trotskyite institution," Mr Mulino said.

Earlier, Premier Daniel Andrews said the attempt to block the project is putting jobs at risk on a project already underway.

"If the Liberal and National parties were successful in every device they seem intent to employ to stop this project, then these jobs will be more than at risk, they'll be gone," he told reporters.

The government would try to find a way to push ahead with the controversial road, he added.

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said the current project ripped off Victorians.

"The government's proposal is a dog of a proposal," he told reporters.

"Not only have they not negotiated, it appears they've just signed up to anything put in front of them."

Preliminary works have already started on the West Gate Tunnel.

Transurban will pay for two-thirds of the project and the government wants to compensate it with a 10-year toll extension on the CityLink until 2045.

Source AAP

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