Food vans promote bush tucker meals

Indigenous celebrity chef Mark Olive has launched a healthy food van initiative that he hopes will improving the health of Indigenous Australians.

Mark Olive has been spreading the news about the health benefits of traditional indigenous food for years.

When this 25-tonne van hits the road in January stopping at regional Victorian towns, he'll show entire communities that that good quality food is everywhere.

"I think the concept of eating our coat of arms - it's a no brainer. Protein low fat is great for you, great iron content," said Indigenous celebrity chef Mark Olive.

The Ministry of Food van will spend the next two and a half years travelling the state.

On-site cooking courses have been designed to help Australia's beat the bulge.

"Australia is one of the most obese countries in the world so we do need to get back to basics here and start cooking meals from scratch and looking after our bodies," said Alicia Paeardon from Jamie's Ministry of Food.

Mark Olive believes the van concept could go a long way to improving the health of Indigenous Australians.

"I this is really encouraging Indigenous people to get involved," said Mr Olive.

"It would be great to see these vans go to Indigenous communities, especially into remote areas to educate kids about the healthy aspects of food."

The van will visit Bendigo first before travelling to Whittlesea.

Source: SBS