Former NRL players call for free brain scans


Some of rugby league's former players are appealing for the NRL to provide free testing for brain-related damage.

The call for free testing comes following a charity screening of the film 'Concussion', a biopic that chronicles a forensic pathologist's battle to get the NFL to accept his ground-breaking research linking head knocks to brain damage.
"There would be a lot of players open to get tested,  I'd certainly put my hand up if it meant it would help research and help the current players," said former Canterbury-Bankstown player Andrew Ryan.
Former Manly hardman Mark Carroll said he has long believed testing should be available.
"I've been out of the game 15 years, I've never had any symptoms like what they had but it would be good to have a check-up and make sure everything is okay upstairs,' said Carroll.

The founder of NeckSafe, Dr Adrian Cohen, said awareness of concussion in sport was growing.
"The old adages of  'get back out on the park, you're a wuss if you sit it out', they're finally being dispelled and people are realising that for the good of their own health and for that of the team and the game, things have to change," said Dr Cohen.
Will Smith plays the lead in 'Concussion' and while the film has received a luke-warm reception from reviewers, its very existence has boosted awareness of the issue on a global scale.
"When you hear the statistics, it's a bit scary, I mean it is really scary. There needs to be more of a conversation continuously happening," said former rugby league player Ian Roberts.

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