Framework for $4b national redress scheme

The federal government has introduced the legislation for its commonwealth redress scheme for institutional child sexual abuse survivors.


* Scheme to be operated by the Commonwealth.

* States, territories and institutions like churches and charities to opt-in.

* Comprises monetary payments, access to psychological counselling and direct personal responses from responsible institutions, if requested.

* Maximum compensation of $150,000 - versus the child abuse royal commission's recommended $200,000 cap, for severe cases.

* Initially to cover 1000 victims abused in Commonwealth and territory institutions.

* Commission had estimated total cost of a national redress scheme at $4.01 billion with 60,000 survivors eligible to make claims.

* To begin July, 2018.

* Telephone helpline and website available from March, 2018.

* To be open for 10 years - instead of commission's recommendation for no fixed closing date.

* Redress offers open for three months - instead of recommended one year.

* Range of Medicare-funded counselling and psychological care services won't be expanded, as commission recommended.

* Counselling only available for survivors - the commission had recommended limited counselling for family members if reasonably required.

* Run on responsible-entity-pays basis - entities that opt-in have to fund the cost of their own redress claims.

* Federal government cannot compel a state to join, but can force Northern Territory and ACT to do so.

Source AAP

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