France's Macron under fire after claiming Africa’s problems are 'civilisational'


A video uploaded on Twitter has caused a social media backlash for the French President.

France’s youngest President, Emmanuel Macron, is being criticised on social media after saying that the problems in Africa are "civilisational." 

President Macron also made comments, implying one of Africa’s “essential challenges” is women in the country have “seven or eight” children.

The comments were made during a press conference at the G20 Summit in Germany on Saturday.

His remarks caused a backlash on social media with many users claiming President Macron's remarks were racist, while others said they were taken out of context. 

However, the video which was uploaded to Twitter, appears to be edited which has lead some to believe the President’s remarks may have been taken out of context.

The French President's comments were in response to a question by a reporter from the Ivory Coast about a possible Marshall Plan in Africa to help combat poverty in the continent.

He said many in the West have been discussing something similar and the original Marshall Plan, which was an American initiative to support Western Europe after World War II, was a “reconstruction plan."

A full transcript of President Macron's comments have subsequently been posted posted online, in the transcript you see how his answer was cut down and shortened. 

In his full length answer, President Macron talked about issues Africa faced such as failed states, complex democratic transitions, human and drug trafficking as well as Islamic terrorism.

He said if France was to help Africa, a plan must be developed by and with African leaders and according to African interest. 

Social media users still believe the President shouldn't have used the word "civilizational."

Source SBS World News

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