French government recognises Indigenous human rights


A major French human rights award has been given to the Indigenous Social Justice Association.

Stalwart Koori social Justice Advocate, Ray Jackson and his organisation the Indigenous Social Justice Association, have been honoured with a major French human rights award.

While Mr Jackson fought for issues such as the rights of the marginalised and asylum seekers, he has also defended families of Aboriginal citizens deceased while in detention.

“Since 1987 I’ve been working with death in custody families for justice, and taking the police on, and taking the jails,” said Mr Jackson.

He says he’s amazed to receive such an honorary award, especially from the French government.

“I’m personally pleased that it was an overseas government that has at least recognised the human rights battle and the organisations that work for them,” said Mr Jackson.

The five international awards will be presented in Paris on United Nations Human Rights Day, December 10.

Source NITV News

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