Full speech: Defiant Mugabe refuses to step down


A defiant Robert Mugabe addressed Zimbabweans in a national televised address but showed no signs of quitting his post.

Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe addressed the nation in a public announcement claiming the army triggered an intervention after "concerns arising from their reading of the state of affairs in our country and in the ruling Zanu-PF party".

Mr Mugabe, 93, said he came out of the meeting with army officials confident Zimbabwe can strive towards greater independence and a stronger economy.

"The government remains committed to improving the social and material conditions of the people. Fellow Zimbabweans, we are a nation borne out of a protracted struggle for national independence. Our roots lie in that ... struggle whose goals and ideals must guide our present and structure our future," he said.

"The tradition of our resistance is our collective legacy whose core tenants must be subscribed by all across generations."

Mr Mugabe said "old established players" must embrace new rules as Zanu-PF looks to meet in Congress in the coming weeks.

He finished his speech claiming Zimbabwe cannot be guided by "bitterness or vengefulness" and was upbeat by the promising agricultural season ahead.

The defiant leader sacked his deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa, this month in a move that triggered Tuesday's intervention by the army.

Source Reuters - SBS


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