Gayle hits back at critics in book

West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle has responded to critics in a controversial new book. (AAP)

West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle has responded to Chris Rogers, Ian Chappell and Andrew Flintoff over comments made during the "don't blush baby" affair.

Chris Rogers, Ian Chappell and Andrew Flintoff have earned the scorn of Chris Gayle in the controversial West Indian cricketer's new book.

The trio were each critical of Gayle's comments to reporter Mel McLaughlin in last summer's Big Bash League, but now the self-titled World Boss has hit back in his book, Six Machine: I Don't Like Cricket... I Love It.

Gayle claimed Rogers was just as bad as him, despite the fact the former Australian opener told the ABC in January that he was concerned about the influence the West Indian might have on youngsters when they played together at the Sydney Thunder.

"Chris Rogers, how can you claim that when it was you and me at the bar most nights?," extracts published in The Times reveal.

"I'm not a snitch, but I've heard from your own mouth what you've done.

"Next time you want to open your mouth, maybe chew on a carrot instead."

Gayle also said "you would have to ban cricket itself" if the ICC followed through on Chappell's requests to have him removed from the sport.

"Ian Chappell, a man who was once convicted of unlawful assault in the West Indies for punching a cricket official.

"Ian Chappell, how can you ban the Universe Boss? You'd have to ban cricket itself."

Meanwhile Flintoff tweeted after the infamous "don't blush baby" remarks to say that Gayle had "made himself look a bit of a chop there" - comments Gayle didn't take too kindly to.

"This coming from a man who admitted he took Viagra during a Test match," Gayle wrote of Flintoff.

"The only chop Freddie knows is when he used to bowl short to me and I would chop him past backward point for four."

Gayle was forced to apologise the following morning for asking McLaughlin out for a drink on live TV, however he still maintains the whole affair was nothing more than a joke.

"I meant it as a little fun," he wrote.

"I didn't mean to be disrespectful and I didn't mean it to be taken serious.

"Suddenly I'm the number one thing trending on Twitter worldwide. Kim Kardashian is nowhere."

Source AAP

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