Giant panda duo extend their stay at Adelaide Zoo

Giant pandas Fu Ni and Wang Wang will be calling Adelaide Zoo home for another five years in hope of the pair producing a cub.

Female Panda Fu Ni receives festive treats at Adelaide Zoo.

Female Panda Fu Ni receives festive treats at Adelaide Zoo. Source: AAP

Hopes for two giants pandas to become parents at Adelaide Zoo have been renewed with a deal to keep the furry duo for another five years.

Fu Ni and her partner Wang Wang have already had four attempts at having a cub but there's now extra time for the pair to get lucky in Australia.

It's thanks to a deal extension announced on Sunday between the zoo and the China Wildlife Conservation Association for five more years until late 2024.

Male panda Wang Wang is seen in the quarantine section of a purpose built natural enclosure at the Adelaide Zoo.
Source: Adelaide Zoo

Zoos SA chief executive Elaine Bensted said visitors loved the adorable pair.

"From young to old, everyone who visits our Bamboo Forest falls in love with Wang Wang and Fu Ni. They are always a delight to watch, whether they're exploring their habitat, laying in the sun, climbing trees, or eating bamboo," she said in a statement.

Researchers haven't been breeding the pandas this year preferring to collect urine samples from Fu Ni both pre- and post-ovulation to find out what impact being in the southern hemisphere might have on their ability to reproduce.

Male panda Wang Wang snacks on some bamboo.

But the zoo isn't giving up hope on the pair becoming parents in the future with plans to have them attempt to breed again while the pandas are at peak maturity.

The South Australian government will shell out some cash to the zoo to support its commitment to giant panda conservation including research and breeding programs.

Wang Wang and Fu Ni have been at Adelaide Zoo on loan from China since 2009.

Published 24 November 2019 at 10:58am, updated 24 November 2019 at 11:47am