Giuliani: Trump's weakened Muslim immigration policy

File image of Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (AAP) Source: AAP

Donald Trump advisor, Rudy Giuliani says the President-elect has backed away from his controversial policy to ban all Muslim immigration in the United States.

Former New York City mayor and Donald Trump advisor, Rudy Giuliani has been grilled over the President-elect’s proposed Muslim ban.

During his election campaign, Donald Trump called for "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States."

Now that Mr Trump has been elected President, there are questions over whether the controversial policy will go ahead.

During CNN’s State of the Union program host Jake Tapper asked Mr Giuliani whether the policy is still operative.

Mr Giuliani said Mr Trump had watered-down his stance on the issue, days after he announced it.

“Actually within a day or two he called me and asked me to put a little group together … we wrote paper for him and he amended the ban would be restricted to particular countries and it wouldn’t be a ban, it would involve an extreme vetting,” he said.

But Mr Giuliani said a total ban will be applied for Syrian Muslims.

“The one place, in which he would not let anyone in, unless it was an extraordinary [circumstance] would be Syrian refugees. All the rest from countries that contain dangerous populations of radical Islamist extremists, he’ll subject them to extreme vetting, but not a ban”

Reports indicate Mr Giuliani is the leading contender for the attorney general position, under a Trump administration.

Giuliani has declined to say whether he will serve in the administration.

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