Good Asians to back One Nation: candidate

Shan Ju Lin. Source: Supplied

One Nation candidate Shan Ju Lin says Pauline Hanson was right to warn about Australia being swamped by "Asians".

A woman who was born in Taiwan and is running for One Nation says party leader Pauline Hanson was right to warn about Australia being swamped by Asians 20 years ago.

But Shan Ju Lin believes Ms Hanson was talking about the Chinese, and has told the ABC "good Asians" will vote for One Nation at the next Queensland election.

She told the ABC that "European people" find it hard to distinguish between Chinese and people from other parts of Asia.

She believes Ms Hanson was right to use her maiden speech to federal parliament 20 years ago to warn Australia was at risk from a tide of Asian immigrants.

"She sees the problem ahead of everybody, including you and me. Everything she said is happening now," the One Nation candidate has told the ABC.

Ms Lin, a teacher who will contest the seat of Bundamba, has been in Australia for 26 years after moving here from Taiwan.

She believes China's communist government poses a threat to Australia, and is buying up too many assets.

"I feel the Chinese Communist Party is a great threat to Australia because they bought a lot of businesses and our harbours and properties," she said.

"They will take over power of Australia. They will form their own government. Would you like 20 million people to move to Australia? Would you like to see that happen?"

China and Taiwan have long been at odds politically, and Ms Lin told the ABC her dislike of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dates back to her birth.

"There are two groups of Asians ... The good Asians will be like me," she said.

"The other group will be supporting CCP, and those people who support CCP are selfish people."

AAP tried to speak to Ms Lin on Wednesday, but her party said she had travelled to Taiwan for the holidays and would not be doing any media until her return in mid-January.

Source AAP

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