GPS glasses could help the blind 'see'


Researchers are developing high-tech glasses, complete with GPS and camera technology, to help guide the blind.

Scientists in Mexico are designing a pair of glasses that will help guide blind and visually-impaired people.

The glasses will combine ultrasound technology, GPS guides and sound sensors to help visually-impaired people with everyday activities.

Researcher, Alfonso Rojas Dominguez says that's what sets these glasses apart from other inventions, like Google Glass.

"The "Smart Guide" project is trying to develop intelligent glasses to help visually-impaired people in their lives; such as chores, recognising documents, recognising tickets, colours, and also to help them with their mobility," he says.

The spectacles bounce ultrasonic waves off surrounding objects and can read colours and text via two cameras, so that objects like money or street signs can be accurately identified.

A tablet computer then converts the ultrasonic wave information into a voice message and the wearer receives voice guidance.

Although still a prototype, the device has already secured two patents and $1.8 million in funding.

The technology comes at a price - the glasses are are expected to retail for between $US1,000 and $US1,600.

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